BoothThere several types of alternative fairs in Denmark:

  • Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Alternative Health and Life Style
  • The Universe of Mysticism

Booth ShamanAt the fairs you will meet all kinds of spiritual practices and methods of healing, reaching from native American practices to westernized Tantra.

In the Master’s Light shares the Gospel, at these fairs, inviting people to become disciples of our Master Jesus Christ. This is an example of a booth:

In our booth we offer to pray with the visitors. They may want a blessing. They may ask for healing for themselves or for some relatives or friends. They may ask for a healing of the heart. This means to become whole in the relationship to God, resting in the hearts and knowing the love of God through Christ, and thus being whole in relationship to other persons. Some parents ask us to pray with their children. Every Year we pray with about 2500 visitors and fellow exhibitors.Booth Prayer

In the background of the photo on the right, you see a cross full of small sheets og paper with prayers written by the visitors.