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In the Master's light - How to Become a Church in the Spirituality of Life Milieus?

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In this paper Ole Skjerbæk Madsen deals with the challenge to being a Church from the syncretistic nature of the new spiritualities. This raises questions like: Does a Christian presence in the new spiritual milieus result in a renewed Christianity – or will it mean the disappearance of the Gospel-core in a new religious synthesis? He argueds that the only chance of retaining the true meaning of the Christian foundational metaphors, imagery and spiritual practices in the neo-spiritual milieu is to be present and critically contextualize the gospel and inculturate the fellowship of Jesus’ disciples in the milieus – not fearing what people will make out of it and trusting the Holy Spirit to make the Gospel alive. But the success of this presence presupposes an authentic Christian spirituality in the Church and in the life of her evangelists.

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